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Lisa Keyser of LMK Web Design & Consulting

This is an old picture. I have curly hair now. I should probably replace it.

Hi there, and welcome!

I’m Lisa Keyser, the woman behind the business.

I started building websites back in 2002, mostly for people that knew I had some skills and enjoyed playing around with HTML. The following year, I helped two non-profits create their very first websites. I wish I could say I’d kept those early-day designs, but unfortunately they are long gone.

From 2005-2011 I worked full-time in Washington, DC, for two different international associations. I continued to build websites on the side, getting a few new clients each year, and still serving as technical support for the early ones. I enjoyed my full-time jobs immensely, but the daily ground was getting me down. I had my second child in 2011 and chose not to return to DC, but to remain home in Virginia and put my energy into my family and my freelancing business.

Thus, LMK Web Design & Consulting was officially born. It wasn’t a super difficult transition, and I’ve enjoyed growth and the opportunity to work with an ever-widening circle of clients. Let me know if you’d like to add your name to that list!

In my (fairly limited) free time, I’m actively involved in the local birth community as co-leader for ICAN of Northern Virginia, I sing with my church choir, I swim for fitness and occasionally competition, and I read as much as I can.

If you got through all of that, you’re awesome. Feel free to reach out and ask questions, check out my blog, or swing by my portfolio (coming soon – probably!).

You can also find me on the various networks and freelance websites:

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