How to set up automatic payments with LMK

Save Your Payment Information

  1.  Open the Invoice from the email that was sent to you and click on the View Invoice buttonEmail with view invoice button.
  2. Under the Recurring Payment section, leave the toggle enabled on if you want to automatically have all future recurring Invoices paid automatically
    Toggle to pay future invoices automatically above credit card form.
  3. Depending on what options are available on the Invoice, you can choose to either opt in with a Credit Card, a Bank Transfer (ACH) account, or with a PayPal account
  4. Enter the payment details as needed
  5. For Credit Cards or Bank Transfers (ACH), check off the box next to Save this credit card or Save this bank account to save your payment details for re-use on any future Invoices
    Checkbox next to save this credit card.
  6. Click on the Pay $xx.xx button
  7. A confirmation page will appear and the payment will start processing.