Practicing What You Preach: Social Media Outreach

This afternoon I had a conference call with a client, and I was advising her on social media marketing. We were discussing how and when to create Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook pages. Of course my advice has remained consistent: if you’re not there, you’re missing out on potential clients! Seems silly, then, that I was lacking a few basic social media pages too.

I know what’s held me back. It’s that combination of unwillingness to put yourself out there combined with the uncertainty of success. But doing nothing accomplishes nothing. So I made the leap today and created both a Pinterest page and a Facebook page. I added a bunch of pins, created a new post, and all of a sudden I had traffic, feedback, and interactivity. What was I waiting for?

If you haven’t started your own social networking sites yet, the time is now. There’s no reason to wait! And if you’ve started these but have forgotten about them, or haven’t been able to give them the time and attention they deserve, I can help. Even if my own social media was somewhat lacking, I specialize in crafting marketing messages for a wide variety of audiences and in getting the conversations started. Contact me to discuss how we can get your social network moving in the right direction!